PRAMAC SP 8000  Recoil

PRAMAC SP 8000 Recoil

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Hmotnosť: 104kg
Výrobca: PRAMAC
Rated maximum power (LTP): 7 kW Rated prime power (PRP): 5,9 kW Phases: 3 Y Voltage: 230, 400 V Frequency: 50 Hz Engine manufacturer: Honda Fuel: Gasoline Starting system: Recoil


Single-phase maximum power (LTP): 5,82 kVA
Single-phase maximum power (LTP).: 5,24 kW
Single-phase prime power (PRP): 4,36 kVA
Single-phase prime power (PRP).: 3,92 kW
Single-phase continuous power (COP): 3,96 kVA
Single-phase continuous power (COP): 3,56 kW
Rated maximum power (LTP): 8,82 kVA
Rated maximum power (LTP): 7 kW
Rated prime power (PRP): 7,43 kVA
Rated prime power (PRP): 5,9 kW
Rated continuous power (COP): 6,75 kVA
Rated continuous power (COP): 5,4 kW
Rated current at COP: 9,7 A
Phases: 3 Y
Voltage: 230, 400 V
Rated power factor: 0,8 PF
Frequency: 50 Hz
Battery charger voltage: n.a.
Battery charger current: n.a.
Panel location: On frame
Frame type: Tubular, canopied
Compliancy certification: CE
Engine specifications
Engine manufacturer: Honda
Model: GX390
Stroke: 4
Fuel: Gasoline
Number of cylinders and disposition: 1, inclination angle
Displacement: 389 cm³
Air intake: Natural
Starting system: Recoil
Nominal operating speed: 3000 rpm
Speed governor: Mechanical
Continuous power COP: 6 kW
Prime power PRP: 6,6 kW
Standby power LTP: 7,7 kW
Lube oil capacity: 1,1 l
Fuel consumption at 75% load: 1,94 l/h
Electric circuit voltage: n.a.
Alternator specifications
Alternator manufacturer: GTS
Model: DWG 8/5 EE
Poles: 2
Revolution speed: 3000 rpm
Voltage: 400 V
Frequency: 50 Hz
Efficiency at 75% load: 85 %
Maximum admitted overload: 10% for 1 hour every 6 hours of running time S2
Voltage regulation system: Electronic
Protection grade: IP 54
Additional information
Skid mounting: No
Fuel tank location: On frame
Fuel tank capacity: 18 l
Automatic supplementary tank VV.FF.: No
Running time at 75% COP: 9,29 h
Measured acoustic power (LWA) at 4 mt: 96,5 dBA
Noise level at 7 m: 71,5 dBA
Guaranteed noise level (LWA): 97 dBA
Operating conditions: -15 ~ +40 °C
Dimensional data
Length: 842 mm
Width: 523 mm
Height: 557 mm
Dry weight: 104 kg